Wednesday, January 15, 2014


So I know you all have likely missed your resident crazy girl. Life as it happens got really busy from Sept to now, however unlike my post back in September I am not going to detail close to four months of events. Plus some of them you can gleam from other people's blogs though I have to say that I have not seen or heard from Bree or Tonya in a awhile now. However, they are still my sisters in all of this so I still try to look after them from a distance.

Plus they seemed to be kind of into each other if you get my drift. So today was a relatively chill day at work. I got some models signed up, produced a few more little ads to promote for our clients and met a really cute girl that I know is a sister.

Oh yeah on that front, I keep one of those bracelets on my wrist that I snap whenever I am feeling particularly sexual. It keeps arousal down and reminds me that I am trying to be a good girl because I have no desire for A) Men or B) manipulation by an unknown force. See this thing that changed us likes to play games, so I am not going to play. I am going to resist its little game by staying as chaste as I can. The closest I have really come to being with another person is kissing and even that I stopped before things went too far.

So I am keeping myself under control. And I hope that you all had great holidays. I did.

Much love,

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Long Overdue Post....

So things have changed, quite widely since we last talked. However I am more than certain that Bree and Tonya's blogs can fill you in on some of it. However I will summarize my past few months in some segments and then I will go into a little more detail on what is going on in all of this craziness. I hope that is fine with you all. However, please do comment on this post after you have read through it all to ask questions, express concerns and what have you. I am still the open book girl from three months ago, just a little more wigged out than usual.

Late June through July

So Tonya, being the very intelligent girl that she is tries to share a bit of her passion with me through  boxing. I support her and give her proper funding so that she can climb the ranks. However I want her to be careful so as not to make her useless to me as a model.

There are a couple incidents with Bree but they are generally positive. I got her to model for me while I have other things going on in the background, namely my foundation that begins to grow at least a person or two daily at this point. I keep finding people messed up just like myself. But I am sure as you can guess there is a 3/4ths majority in the people who are more in Bree's boat than mine. It matters naught though because the people like myself are helping me to research into this little pandemic in the hopes of giving people a choice at least.

July to August

Generally quiet month, got the girls to do a couple of shoots. Tonya had another match which I attended. She seemed to be spending a good part of this month trying to get me to bond with her. From what I could tell she is patient zero, and one of the ones that seemed the most accepting of it at the moment other than Bree. So it makes me a little uncomfortable around her.

The Foundations ranks continue to grow exponentially. What had started out as a grouping of a dozen or more is starting to turn into a couple of hundred quickly getting into the thousands. Whatever is speeding the rate of infection needs to be stopped the only problem is that we still have not found a cause.

All of my mounting stress leads to more or less stare blankly at the screen whenever I attempt to write here. So it is the reason that there are quite literally no updates anymore till today. I go out, play with my autopilot from time to time to further test parameters and see what it will and will not make me do. There are more than a couple tests of free will during this month but I pull through a bonafide virgin.

August to September

Tonya got hurt real bad at one of her boxing matches. And unknown to her a few days after the match I had to deal with her competitor a bit. I paid for both of their medical bills. Following that Bree came to my place or rather I somewhat abducted her to my place in order to make her feel better. But around then, Tonya got hurt so I had to let her go even though she was not fully recovered yet. I got accused of sleeping with Bree which did not happen though it would seem that she had wanted to. Still I remained strong and powered yet through another month without falling prey to the allure of sex.

I spent most of my time monitoring Tonya, if not directly then indirectly through watching her medical progress. In general, I was depressed and still working on  things a bit. The Foundation is still growing rapidly at this point and so I continue to pull our resource to find a source. there would seem to be a mystical source of some kind.  It is one possibility and so I sent researchers out to go find out more about this thing and if its powers can be stopped or contained.

Otherwise, it is is business as usual for me doing things from Skyline, getting the girls work and all that jazz.

September to Now

I did a lot of normal things, went about my business getting things done with the Foundation and what not. Tonya and them seem to be doing alright. Bree and her are dating since Olivia is over in LA these days. I find it interesting to watch them from afar since that whole thing with Tonya happened because I encouraged her. I am still their boss and I am still giving them work but for the moment I felt it was best to give them space.

Also the entity so kindly changed things about my autopilot and even changed a bit about my body. I find it to be displeasing. But all it is to me is another challenge to persevere and resist the changes. Oh and yes, in case you are wondering, even with the new body, I am still a virgin nor do I plan on that changing anytime soon.

So like I said, a lot has happened since I last wrote to you all. I hope that you all are having a wonderful day, and you should expect more regular updates from me now.

- Carolyn

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Travel Thursday

I got up and was at the office for a few hours. But then the boss gave me the A-okay to head back to Miami with a production crew. If we get enough business, we can establish a new office down there. But I am hoping that the girls will start to realize that I would rather they be in New York. I think Tonya is already expecting this considering I have a full wardrobe waiting for her. Soon I will need to make Bree, Dani, and Olivia to agree to it as well.

I will figure it out soon enough. But like I said, I was traveling. I did not dress to the nines as you likely figured. Actually I switched out of my work clothes and dressed in rather casual clothing to get on the plane. Unlike before when the plane was relatively empty, I had a man sitting to my right and then a full row of men to my left. Casual clothing may have not been a great idea.

I am not sure if it is the fact that you are literally locked in a place with people for a couple of hours, but I think it changes people. Thankfully the guys in the other row could only look. However, the guy next me had decided he was going to make "accidental" touches. Never before have I felt violated and vulnerable. After the first time, he "rolled" in his sleep and grazed my breast with the tips of his fingers, I sat with my arms crossed for the whole flight.

And when he tried multiple times, his foot got abused. Casual clothes still means that I am wearing heels. So each time he would try to touch, my heel would accidentally come down on his foot. Eventually the pig learned that I was uninterested. The jocks on the other side of me seemed to have gotten protective. Their eyes were watching the guy next to me more than they were me. The pleasure of Southern boys was their sense of honor and they knew this guy was scum.

When the flight ended, I immediately stood up and grabbed my briefcase to march myself off the plane. What I saw out of the corner of my eye was the man next to me tried to stand before one of the jocks "bumped" into him. It knocked him from retrieving his luggage trapping him there so I could get some distance. It made me smile.

I got back to my hotel room and relaxed typing this message to you all.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

She Was Wilder Than Expected

You know when I started this whole teasing thing, I figured it was something that I started just to play on my own. Today while looking for my closet, I realized something. Carolyn had been a tease for a long time coming. Only a certain section of her closet had been containing the clothes that I had been wearing. The rest of the closet was with more teasing and sexy attire. Much of it seemed to be relatively new. To figure all of this out I checked out her purchases.

Each year, she buys a nearly completely new wardrobe from several different outlets and designers. The clothes she chooses seem to suggest teasing but not all are blatant. It all really depends on how they are worn. If a button or two is let down then she can go from professional executive to professional tease. I am not sure how I had not realized this earlier. I think it was more that when I had first become her my fear of what men to do just led me to hope she was conservative. Turns out that she was not as conservative as I hoped.

I think I will keep her wardrobe but not take my teasing too far like I had yesterday. I want to be professional and not lead anyone to have any extra ideas. The rest of Wednesday then proceeded regularly except for some guy from Marketing trying to drum up a conversation about what I do for fun. Luckily, I was able to turn him down by saying that I was going to Miami tomorrow and that I was not sure when I was getting back.

After that, I cleared the trip with my boss and got the tickets for me and the team. I will be headed off to Miami in the morning.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Teasing Tuesday

So I came to work in four inch heels, a dangerously short skirt, and a somewhat sheer white blouse. To say that I got a couple of looks is a bit of an understatement. All of the guys seemed to have their eyes glued to my body as I walked through the halls. It made me giddy to know that I had so much power over all of these men. The seemed so distracted when I would come by their office. Very gently I would sit in the chair across from them and cross my legs. Instantly their eyes would go there. But they were not novices, they would play it off as if they were looking at papers or some such.

I made it very difficult for Jim. I came into his office carrying a folder. "Accidentally" I tripped and dropped all of the papers on the floor. Very slowly, I would pick them up giving him a bit of a look at the lacy black bra that I was wearing. He saw the slightest edge of cleavage as I had buttoned up one of the buttons since I planned this.

I thanked him for the help and gave him the papers to sign and sort through. All of the while, I had this girlish knowing smile on my face. He knew I was doing it on purpose. I could tell. When I very sensually walked out of his office, I could see the smirk on his face from a reflection off the door. Luckily he sees it for what it is and not thinking I want him or something. That whole I used to be Carl thing could be confusing. Oh wait it is not like he would know who I was. But still my interest in men is is non-existent. Just my body is the one that likes them.

But yeah, I went around my office being a very wonderful tease. I think tomorrow I will not be so blatant but I will still tease them a bit.

- Carolyn

Should I wear something like this next time?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Just A Monday

I went to work, home, and now I am sitting here at my computer. Nothing really happened today, the guys seemed to mope that they lost their money to me. I smiled and teased them a little bit. Jim seems to have thought my flirting was serious. That other part of me had sold it all too well. Now, he has these moments where he blushes when I stand at the door of his office, leaning ever so slightly to give him hope.

Sadly that hope never comes to fruition. My cleavage is nice and safe in my tight white blouse complimented by my push up bra. Still this whole thing has made me want to tease more. I unbuttoned a button on my blouse to make it just a little more challenging on the male folk around the office. It brings a smile to my face and makes my day to day life even more interesting.

Do you guys think I am a horrible little tease?

- Carolyn

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Poker Game

I arrived at the house on time, but they were still setting up. They tell people an earlier time so that they do not show up late but I had forgotten that. I helped them setup things like the table and the snacks. Jim was happy that someone actually was punctual, I joked and told him not to count on it every week. He smiled and shrugged. I was thinking that he was a little cute as I looked at him there in his garage. He and I were the only ones there for the moment which scared me a little. I held my ground and just chatted with him before we sat at the table on opposite sides from one another.

The others all trickled in about 10 minutes later. Luckily, I was not the only woman there. Samantha, a girl I had once considered a prospective girlfriend was there. But now, I looked at her and felt absolutely nothing. I thought that her outfit was cute but she could have coordinated better. Yet I am not sure those thoughts were not even mine, they were more the girl parts of me.

Still all of my friend were as competitive as I remember them to be. We were only using 10 dollars each but still everyone wanted to walk home with the full $60. Beer was drank, chips were eaten Carl was the first to get knocked out. Malik followed him out of the game and then there were 4. I am not going to say I was just cruising along at first as Jim seemed to be doing that. I was currently tied for second with Samantha.

Poor Calvin got double teamed by Jim and Samantha who both got him out in five more hands. They were predators, and they were really picking people off. I was bound to be their next target. I leaned back in my chair looking more relaxed. Time to use my autopilot to my advantage. Most people did not have an emotionless series of movements that required no conscious thoughts. So whatever tells they could have gotten just went up in smoke. I focused my attention over to Jim and then relegated myself to let her act.

The flirting began shamelessly, lots of playful smiles and psuedo-sexual motions began with me sitting at the table, playing cards acting against the two of them while outwardly seeming indifferent other than to flirt. It took me about 6 hands but I knocked Samantha out of the game. Jim seemed to be losing focus as she got a  little talkative with him. Slowly bu surely, his lead disappeared. And then 30 minutes later, he went all in and I won.

Not really needing the money I gave 20 each to Malik, Calvin, and Samantha. They seemed to be pleased with that. Jim was blushing as the flirting ended having seemingly been played by my words.

- Carolyn